Our Services – At A Glance

Outsourced and On-Demand Workforce Staffing Solutions

Aspen Medical offers a unique, integrated healthcare services solution which includes consultancy, recruitment, training, and operational management. We refer to these services as our ‘Design’, ‘Raise’, ‘Train’, and ‘Sustain’ capabilities. This philosophy of ‘Design’, ‘Raise’, ‘Train’, and ‘Sustain’ drives the processes necessary to offer an integrated healthcare employment solution to clients, and ensures a comprehensive and all-encompassing healthcare employment service is delivered. We have dedicated software systems in place which remove complex and time consuming manual administration, and offer our clients a visible, easy-to-monitor reporting capability. We can source new staff from within or outside of the UAE, or seamlessly transfer existing staff for ongoing management. We are appropriately Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) licenced and skilled to manage your workforce.

Medical Skills Training and Education Services

The provision of medical education and training programs for employees of the healthcare sector has been the cornerstone of Aspen Medical’s success in the UAE. Our strategy is to provide professional education services to support and develop the quality and capability of healthcare service delivery in public and private organizations. This is achieved through our innovation and implementation of courses which meet international continuing education standards. We are able to tailor training packages to client and regulatory requirements, and we offer programs to educate clinical and non-clinical employees.

Consultancy and Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Aspen Medical has internal expertise to provide advice and consultancy for ensuing compliance with HAAD, Joint Commission International (JCI) or Occupational Safety and Health Abu Dhabi (OSHAD) requirements. Aspen Medical can conduct audits and reviews to provide guidance to customers on areas which present a non-compliance, and recommendations to become compliant. We can also conduct a training needs analysis on your organisation to ensure your staff are appropriately qualified in their medical field.

International Patient Transport

We provide experienced flight nurses and transportable medical equipment to accompany patients from their home or hospital bed to the preferred destination country around the world for ongoing medical care. We can also repatriate patients from overseas back to the UAE for ongoing medical treatment. Aspen Medical is appropriately licensed by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi, and employs a team of highly trained critical care nurses experienced in international patient escort services. Click here to find out more about our international patient transport services.